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April 6, 2021

John and Rachael give up hosting privileges to Pittsburgh Magazine’s Sean Collier, and the jagoffs team up for some trivia, interview confessionswholesome podcast fun. Podcaster greats including the Drinking Partners Ed and Day, Marta from Marta on the Move, and Tressa from Yinz are Good talk about the ins and outs of interviewee entertainment.  




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Elista Jagoff of the Week -Fridays at 10:55am

Pittsburgh Magazine’s Sean Collier moderates a discussion with podcast greats of the ‘burgh from his most recent article, The Conversation Business: 8 Pittsburgh Podcasts Worth a Listen. A man of many passions including movies, comics, and stage jokes, he’s the man with the jagoff plan in our own loose, podcaster game show. 


Food, drink, travel and entertainment, Marta from Marta on the Move uses her podcast as a vehicle of her curiosity. Her interests help to showcase Pittsburgh while also taking listeners on trips around the world. Listen to classic derails while podcasting and teaming up with Yinz Are Good to get ahead in this podcaster show game! 


Owner of Yinz Are Good Tressa joins the off-the-cuff game show in sweetness and team sprit to showcase the celebration of good stuff happening in Pittsburgh, while killing it in trivia no less! She knows the emoticon birth and the people who make the ‘burgh a better place. A win/win for her!  

Ed and Day: 

From awkward podcast nudity bombs to cramped, loud and busy recordings, Ed and Day from the Drinking Partners Podcast have some wildly addictive stories to tell. They know which U.S. city rains the most, and the coolest event coming up like Barrel & Flow Fest featuring black arts on tap!  

John and Rachael

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