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Wood Pass, Ya Jagoff!

Pandemic hit, no one was sure of its length, many families decided to make good on unfinished home projects.  Then a wood shortage happened, or at least Home Depot was bare for a while so I started a rumor that there was a shortage. Fast Forward to now….too many projects over a year pandemic equals mega money for wood.

Basically, if you completed your home project in spring 2020, you are one happy homeowner.  You took your at-home time and used it wisely when prices were fine. If you received your 8th stimulus check that did or did not show up in your account on the second Tuesday of the month, even if you make over $150,000 a year, you may not be able to complete your project.  Listen, we survived the TP shortage, the lightly-shelved Lysol wipes, and now we battle the wood war.

Yep, the war on price.  Apparently people may not be able to complete their front porch projects…whaaaaat! Call  me cray but that is the way into your home people.  This is not a storage area being built for holiday decor. I mean we have declared war on smaller things.  This WOOD become a bummer for so many, home owners, home sellers, the real estate biz. Time to read up on inexpensive DIY tips, ya jagoff!

Full story thanks to KDKA TV.

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