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Pittsburgh Planning to Build “Extra” River

Pittsburgh 3 Rivers

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There is a group in Western PA that wants to re-route the Allegheny River … or .. add a North Side back channel.. to the Allegheny River. The idea is dredge around the streets of the North Side to create a “back channel of fun,” or BCoF according to the PR firm owned, of all people, Tom Brady’s wife, Gisele.  Money for the project, i.e. purchase of land, labor, the new BCoF welcome center is supposed to come from a new Western-PA-only tax on french fries.  According to the State office of Finance, Pittsburghers eat enough french fries that, a 1% tax on all fries sold, in the 8-county area, will create enough funds, to move forward with the project, within the next 9 months.

Joe Mumma, the key investor who is a Pittsburgh boomerranger, is glad to be coming back to invest in his home town. Joe left Pittsburgh years ago when all of the Chi-Chi’s restaurants closed. He was a big fan of Americanized-Mexican food and moved away to the Arizona area in search of it. According to Mumma, “We want to explode Pittsburgh North Side into a market place. We plan on building an Gus and Yiaya’s ice ball cart a 4-story department store.  One floor each for peanuts, popcorn, ice balls and, of course a pool on the top floor to be filled with your favorite ice ball liquid colors.

There will also be extra bridges. The sister bridges will be replicated. The idea there, according to Joe Mumma, is to create more opportunities for people to put padlocks on the bridge fences. Finally, Mumma says it will be fun to talk about how, now, the 4 rivers, are different colors at the point as people view the point from Mount Washington.

Obviously more news to come! Life in Pittsburgh continues to get better!  There will be a public comment event asking for feedback on this project. If interested in being placed on the speaker list, please email or

Happy April Fool’s Day, YaJagoffs!



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