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Mother Nature is the Real Jagoff

So we learned there were no cauliflower flavored peeps and the Brady story was a farce.  But the lack of ability to see a few feet in front of your face?  What category does that land? Farce? Fiction? Nope, the mother of all forces….Mother Nature.

Today’s lawn-laid snow and slippy roads are a result of yesterday’s white out in some places, all thanks to the ultimate weather chic, big Pittsburgh mama, Mother Nature. After all,  no way we can pin an almost 279 Perrysville Avenue exit wreck on a weather person’s doing.  I did the digging.

Mary Ours just gave birth, Jeff Verzyla was writing copy for his funnies, Ray was working on his science, Ron was tik toking on the set of PTL, Scott was turning 50…..and quite honestly they do not have a vendetta on themselves because this white out on April 1 effected everyone.  Plus, we all are holding our breath for this pandemic to be put to bed not add another freak of nature ruin more days. So thanks big Pittsburgh mama, thanks for being the story all day on April Fools Day, thanks for putting all of the other silly pranks and stories to bed early with your winter white when it is almost spring.

The silver lining is we can still have faith in our weather people in Pittsburgh.  Just be glad April Fool’s Day only comes once a year, ya jagoff!

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