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Chalkfest Pittsburgh YaJagoff Podcast

#YaJagoff Podcast

#YaJagoffPodcast: Chalk It Up to a Good Time

May 29, 2023

Summary: Thanks to the folks at Revive Marketing, we got to hang out at the start of this year’s ChalkFest associated with River Life Pittsburgh. EJ Arie Cole, Matt Galluzzo, head honcho at RLP, Ryan from The Pop District and the awesome Chalking Dad hang out with us!

Music: Dance Floor – Arie Cole Remix 




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When drawing a stick figure what do you draw first? 

(3:45) Arie Cole, DJ

Arie is a DJ and Digital Content creator right here from Pittsburgh. Arie was originally a graphic designer but opted for change and delved into his love of music by picking up how to DJ off of YouTube.  Arie is part of big events around the Steel City and you can see him playing at Umami, Thunderbird, Trace Brewing and The Andy Warhol Museum in the coming months. Find him on Facebook: The Arie Cole, Instagram: @thearie_cole and check out his soundcloud:  


(13:17) Matt Galluzzo, President/CEO of Riverlife Pittsburgh

RLP works to create, activate and celebrate Pittsburgh’s riverfront for residents and visitors. Matt talks about how great riverfronts benefit everyone and how RLP is embracing new innovative ideas, collaborating and connecting with community partners, the philanthropic community and more. Get more information on either joining, exploring and more at Facebook: RiverLifePGH Twitter:@RiverLifePGH  

(25:08) Ryan Haggerty, Program Director, Warhol Academy and The Pop District

The Pop District is a new space on the 7th floor of the Warhol Museum. Think about The Pop District as place-making with a multi-block public art initiative. They’re youth-focused, with an eye on the creative economy workforce program. You can also book a venue for your live event. Find them online at Facebook/Instagram/LinkedIn and more @WarholAcademy.  


(28:53) The Chalking Dad – Erik Greenawalt

Erik is a PA based professional chalk artist. He still has a ‘real job’ but in his downtime he likes to share his talent of chalk art with everyone. The Chalking Dad says the chalking began 15 years ago as a stress-reliever that he started doing with his kids in the driveway. Now, he’s traveling all over the world sharing his art and his daughter (now 20) has her own chalk art pieces too. See his amazing pieces at and on Facebook/Instagram & Twitter @TheChalkingDad 

 Thanks Peoples Natural Gas!

Make sure you call 811 before you dig!!!!