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Bank Robbery Fuel Perks?

man robs the same banks in two weeks

Without all of the blah-blah-blah deets, here’s the summary:

Police say, Rashon Coleman, 29, robbed two banks on the same street in Shadyside within 24 hours in April. as per a story from YaHoo News/WPXI.

Then, he did the same thing 2 weeks later.. the same to banks! And, when he ALLEGEDLY robbed the 2 banks in the same day for the second time, he wore the same clothes so it was easy to spot him hanging out in the SAME NEIGHBORHOOD as the ALLEGED bank robbery!

Dude… you’re getting Giant Eagle and your banks confused!  The banks don’t offer fuel perks on transactions! That’s only on groceries. There’s no Frequent Robber cards, Ya Jagoff!

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