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Earbud Jagoffery in Public

Earbud jagoffs

Let’s set the scene because things ALMOST went perfectly as far as courtesy toward others but then… yikes!

  • The guy whose face is blurred is at an expo.
  • He needs a bit of a break so he approaches the “break table” where others are working and relaxing.. just taking a break from the expo for a bit.
  • He politely asks those, already at the table, if they mind if he takes one of the open chairs. Nice work!
  • He sits down, and, well… this is when things go from courteous to jagoff!

He sits down, puts his earbuds in and proceeds to talk loud.. overmodulate… like someone who is singing with headphones on! Not only is he talking loud, he’s laughing and using minor profanity but, still, just causing a raucous at the previously quiet and calm table.

Paleeeeeeze… we have dealt with earbuds and talking on portable phones for so many years by now! Can we paaaaaleeeeeeeze figure out how to keep your conversations to YOURSELVES… YaJagoffs!!!

  • SinBinKreations
  • dryer vent Wizard

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