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#YaJagoff Podcast: Right Up Our Galley Podcast

April 19, 2022


Rach and John snag a table at Federal Galley to learn about the restaurant options at the trendy, chef-inclusive food hall. CEO of Federal Galley, Chad Ellingboe, explains the trending food concept as well as featured options, ala Nick from Shaka, bringing a taste of Hawaii. Valerie from Lily & Val gifts her advice on a thriving 10-year artistic business, while field editor Eric Heyl, from Patch Pittsburgh, delivers community engagement in new journalism format. Cody Walters discusses the North Side Deutschtown Music Festival while Byron Nash brings us to a close with some insight on Bridging the Gap with himself and Johnny Angel.

Music: Byron Nash




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This is our intern, Paige’s birthday weekend! What is your one must-do tradition for birthdays in your family?

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Chicken on the Shelf from Kristen Y’d Awake

Wordle – no Pittsburghese.. how are we supposed to win?

Shopping Cart/Buggy  – missed the corral

***April 23rd, Strawberry Pretzel Salad STANDOFF at The Mall at Robinson

***This week, another episode of “Bridging the Gap with Jack “Johnny Angel” Hunt and Byron Nash drops!

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6:27    Chad Ellingboe and Nick Yakubisin

Chad Ellingboe is the CEO of Galley Group, Inc. and is based throughout Pittsburgh for curating as an incubator for foodies and chefs.  Galley Group puts different restaurants all in one building so there is something for everyone. They help restaurants get started including making decisions on what to serve, how to order supplies, etc. Join them for a BBQ party on April 22 and a pizza party on April 25!!

Nick Yakubisin: Shaka serves Hawaiian and Asian-infused food including truffle poke bowls but, wait, there’s more including Spam…yes! Just like in Hawaii, they treat Spam as a delicacy and now in PGH. Shaka serves Hawaiian fusion dishes drawing on Asian influences to create fresh food since their inception at Smallman Galley. Be sure to try their Ramen Noodle soup and Poke Bowls, which are the most popular dishes.

18:27    Valerie McKeehan

Val turned her passion into a business, starting with her artistic ability with chalk and more. Lily and Val has been around for 10 years and continually flourishes, balancing family, life and business.  She highlights how her business model and popularity has evolved and how the art has changed over the last ten years. Cue the confetti for success! And, is there a “Lily” in Lilly and Val? Learn more about her name and inspo here!

30:58    Eric Heyl

Eric Heyl, Patch Pittsburgh field editor, has been a writer, editor and columnist for more than three decades. From 1999 to 2016 he was a leading columnist for the Pittsburgh Tribune-Review. Journalism has always been his schtick, leading him to the hyper-niche and respected neighborhood news outlet…and knowledge of alligators! He’s got the passion for news and a unique talent for upcycling furniture also.

47:42    Cody Walters and Byron Nash:

Cody is a co-founder of Pittsburgh’s North Side Deutschtown Music Festival. He gives the inside scoop about this annual summer event with a kickoff event on July 21 with a larger-than-life Prantl’s cake. The music fest features over 400 bands, seven outdoor stages, and 26 indoor venues. Musician Byron Nash gives his perspective on the importance of festivals expressing art in the music scene, and drops a few insights about the new YouTube series, “Bridging the Gap” with Johnny Angel.

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