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Chicken and Breath Mints

Jagoff Blog Pittsburgh

Look at that raw chicken just hangin’ out with the Mentos on a store shefl!

This is the tweet that accompanied this photo:

Now friends, I know you would NEVER do something like this, but maybe you want to share with those lacking some brain cells.. If you decide last minute against buying something, perhaps you tell an employee, rather than putting your meats with the candy Just a thought..”

Would you do this at your house.. in your kitchen.. put that raw chicken on the same shelf as your Raisin Bran ?

Do you know that it takes more muscles to reach out and place this cup precisely on the the shelf than it does to walk this thing to a proper trash can?  Ok, that’s probably not a fact but it sure sounded kinda like a smarty-pants type thing when I was pulling it together in my head!

Put your chicken back in the FRIGERATED section like a respectable adult, Ya Jagoff!


Thanks to @OnAirKristen of the @Y108Pittsburgh  Y’d Awake Morning Show for being today’s Honorary Jagoff Catcher.

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