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Buggy Buncher Jagoffs

YaJagoff Blog Post

Pittsburghers are everywhere.  Which means, JAGOFF CATCHERS are everywhere.  Here’s one from Virginia Beach, Va. 

Here the message that came with this pic:

Gotta Jagoff for ya from the Virginia Beach Food Lion.  Lady walks up and is even too lazy to put the buggy in the right side of the carousel right when I was about to pull in that spot.

Now, we have asked this question on our Facebook page before, “When returning a grocery cart after use, do you walk the cart all the way to its resting spot OR do you walk it halfway and then give that thing a good SHOVE so that it goes crashing into the other carts?

So this lady was a “cart walker” but, the problem is she nicely walked the cart over and put it right in the spot where our man Scotty D was going to park!!!!  And she only had to walk another 5 or 6 feet to put the cart where it was SUPPOSED to be.  Scotty D’s “March Madness” turned into “Park Madness” but the good thing is, he did not simply pull his car forward and trap the lady between his bumper and the cart rack and then hurl verbal assults at her.  He chose WISELY to take a pic  and send it to us for posting! 

Hey Karen CART-penter, we’re gonna make some snarky assumptions (as we usually do) about ya.  First, we believe that, at home, you’re probably THAT LADY that walks her dirty dishes all the way to the dishwasher………………….and then sits them on the counter ABOVE dishwasher instead of leaning down 9 more inches and putting the plates where they are supposed to go. 

We’re also thinking that, you’re THAT LADY that, at the grocery store, decides she doesn’t want the large jar of peanut butter so chooses to leave it sitting on the shelf in the feminine napkin/condom aisle leaving everybody to wonder, “Who had WHAT on their mind?” 

Either way, these carts aren’t sheep and there’s no sheep dog that comes over and herds those things into the cart corral.  And, in case you’re confused, the spot for the carts is….. WHERE ALL OF THE OTHER CARTS ARE, Ya Jagoff!!!

Thanks to ScottyD, Facebook follower, for being our Honorary Jagoff Catcher. 

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