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Wendy’s “New” Dave’s Hot And Juicy HONORS Dave Thomas. REALLY??

We have quite a few posts under the COMMERCIALS category on the right.  Check them out.  But not while you’re at home on your own time, do it on work time.  Getting paid to read our stuff HEIGHTENS the amusement!  Today’s post isn’t REALLY about someone making the rest of us Pittsburghers “look bad” but it sure highlights marketing people that think we’re stoooooooopid!

Click on the video above before you read further. (Don’t roll your eyes and pass this.  WATCH THE VIDEO!  It’s only 31 seconds, ya impatient Jagoff!)

It just seems that common sense goes out the window when marketing people are trying to make a sale.  So goes the new burger at Wendy’s, the Dave’s Hot N’ Juicy Burger, which, according to a Huffington Post article, has been in development for 2 entire years.  The key thing is, in the video above, Wendy tell us that this new burger has been created to honor her dad.

The new burger has extra cheese, a thicker beef patty (two of them), high fat mayo and A BUTTERED BUN!!!

Here’s the kicker.  Anyone remember that good ol’ Dave had a heart attack in 1996?  Here’s his quote from after the big scare:

….. I followed most of the doctor’s orders, especially over the last few years. I added exercise to my schedule – I enjoy a good walk – and I started watching what I eat.

Quote Credit

No he di-int!!  He di-int just say “I started watching what I eat” did he?  Yeppir, he did!!!

Do we really think, with Dave’s quote on eating more healthy, that he would be honored to eat the new burger that has more oil (that’s the burger juice), extra cheese, higher fat mayo and a BUTTERED BUN?  Keep in mind, we’re NOT saying that this burger doesn’t sound OOOGLE worthy.  But what we ARE saying is that, the next thing named after Dave should now be the a new entire wing of heart cath labs at the UPMC Health System or the West Penn Allegheny Hospital System (or both if they don’t get their insurance act together.)

Oh, marketing people you kill us!!!(LITERALLY ON THIS ONE!)  

So Wendy has supposedly decided to HONOR her dad with this new burger that has more heart attack causing tricks than a chain-smoking-bacon-eating-sedintary-Big-Mac!  The key part is her closing line, “it would have made dad MORE than proud, it wold have made him hungry!”

Um.. no!  It would have made him more than proud, it would have made his blood thicker than the Allegheny River after 3 weeks of hard rain and it would have made him GO INTO CARDIAC ARREST from another heart attack after 3 bites, YA JAGOFFS!!!


Starting next week you will be able to pre-order one of these in time for Christmas. 

They will be on our store and pre-orders will be taken in order to ship in time for Christmas!!!

Stay Tuned

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