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Parking Jagoffs

Well Now… Parking on a One Way But….

This photo was taken in Dormont, which, as you may know from this blog, does not mess around with parking.  They basically have meters everywhere.  See this previous blog post about their stupid meters. HINT: ya have to pay a parking meter in strip plaza to run into a Dunkin Donuts for a to-go box of munchkins.

So this particular driver sees an open spot… with no meter mind you, and says, “Hmmm… this is odd.  Not a soul took this really good space….guess it’s mine!  My lucky day!”

I can just see the conversation.

Cop:  Why did you park incorrectly on this one-way street?

Driver: One way?

Cop: Didn’t you see the arrows?

Driver: Arrows, I thought that deer-hunting thing was only in Mount Lebanon!

(The locals will understand that joke)

Someone, paaaaaleeeeeeze hang up the phone and pay attention to the street signs, YaJagoffs!

Thanks to @Yinzer1982 for being today’s Honorary Jagoff Catcher.

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