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Tom Brady – Our EASIEST Post Ever!


Haaaaaaaaa….haaaaaaa..haaaaaaaa…haaaaaaaa WE WON!

Haaaaaaaa…..haaaaaaa……….haaaaaaaa….We heard that Tomlin and Billy-boy-Belichick-Magnet had a bet that, if the Steelers won, Coach-Cheater would have to wear a Men’s Warehouse Suit for a WHOLE DAY!!  Haaaaaa…haaaaaa….haaaaaa!

Take your UGGS and your Psycho-Cinco and GO HOME, YA JAGOFFS!!!


On this last day of Breast Cancer Awareness Month,  click HERE if you missed our SPECIAL POST yesterday!

Get those camera phones ready for Halloween Jagoffs like THIS 60-ish GUY!!! 

(Yep, that’s his REAL 60-ish year old SKIN!)


Summary: Fudge and candy and ice cream, oh my!  That is what to expect with shop owner Molly Rainey at Fudge Farm on the South Side.  The jagoffs...

There are lots of wedding traditions… especially in Pittsburgh. From people that use to throw rice to dove releases, to doing the Hokey Pokey...

Summary The 2nd fireplace lands us at the home front of Sprezzatura creator, Jen Saffron, thanks to sponsors, J&D Waterproofing’s Shawn and Harry who...

Rachael is angry and there was NO WAY in #@*!$ that John was going to get in her way of posting this blog! I...