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Parents That Are Jagoffs

To Snowy for School???

In the Pittsburgh Metro Area.. we have had snow something like 15 out of the last 16 days.  Not complaining.. this is Pittsburgh.. this is what happens here.

But then it’s all over the news:  the roads are snowy and dangerous – TOO DANGEROUS for anyone to travel – so SCHOOL IS CLOSED!

So what will parents do when that happensy?

They will take off work, cuz the kids are home.  And as soon as the kids get up, the parents will go out on those SAME ROADS, and drive a carload of kids to someplace where they can tube and sled ride for 7 hours!! By the way… that is 7 hours, out in the SAME cold that was too cold for them to wait for the bus for 1o minutes in the morning!!!!

What are we doing parents????  We’re making the Pittsburgh kids SOFT and major-league “excuse makers!”

Someone stop these school delays and cancellations,  Ya JAGOFFS!

(Author Disclaimer: I had to hurry up and post this so that I could get my kids to the park for tubing!)


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