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Parking Jagoffs


Parking Jagoffs, YaJagoff Podcast

Today’s blog post written by Rachael Rennebeck, co host of the YaJagoff Podcast while John is still recovering in the ICU from witnessing the stupidity of what you see in today’s blog’s pic!

NOTE: The Jagoff-estrator was utilized to point out the mistakes.. including the No Parking stencil and check out the open parking spaces where the plebes park!

Bellevue is this little big town and boasts with pride for its ability to provide all the necessities of a big city within like a mile of walking distance.  I mean there is a grocery store, restaurants, hair care places, pharmacies, bakeries, car needs, places of worship, a park, doctor and dentist offices and school district.  Within the last few years, the lil ‘VUE’ even got a liquor license….although some old school ‘VUErs’ did not like it the idea. 

Now, some brilliant Bellevue person took Bellevue growth a step further, or so we thought.  There were always two mailboxes outside of the post office that is tucked in on the side street before Assumption Church, convenient enough to pull the car close enough to do a drop off. But now, a drive-through post office option?  What? Not even hipster Lawrenceville has this feature.  

It was such exciting news that it took a jagoff team effort of picture-taking and oohing incessantly. And then the let-down took place. It wasn’t a drive-through!  It was a parker who is ok with PO jaggoffery.  What a total let down—there was no through way, no, just a car not moving around the building to mail some bills, NOPE!  Instead just a parked car nowhere near a parking space giving the excited illusion that a drive through was created.  That little stunt changed the letters for PO to making John really PO (p****ed OFF-nudge nudge) since this was instead a parking faux pas. 

So, congrats Bellevue, you have come a long way and we will still hit the Rusty Nail and Lincoln Bakery and patron your little shops, but for goodness sake do not trick visitors into thinking there is a post office drive through, Ya Jagoffs!

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