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Parking Jagoffs

Things You See When You Don’t Drive A Tow Truck

We have certainly posted quite a few Parking Jags, otherwise known as #PeterParkers.  But this one, is about as blatant as an ignored-by-Mike-Tomlin-Byron-Leftwich-rib injury.

Hey, what happened here?  Was there no fire hydrant to park in front of?  Was the curb lane right in front of the ATM already taken??

Do you ignore other kinds of blatant directions?

-you DON’T wait to be seated

-you DO loiter

-you DON’T wait at the end of the rope maze for the next teller

Ya know.. this is the day in age when every kid gets a trophy and nobody is ever bad at something or wrong…it’s always someone else’s fault!!  So, we talked to the parking lot painters at this lot.  When they FIRST saw the photo, they were interested in going out and painting lines directly over your car just like some of those roadkills get the yellow lines painted on them!

But, we suggested to them that, quite possibly, the signage wasn’t adequate.  Therefore, we have requested the following signaged be painted on the ground for #PeterParkers like you:

If ya can’t read the pavement, the road stencil says:

Just In Case You Missed The 12″ NO PARKING Letters AND The Fact That Nobody Else Is Parked On These 2 Particular Spots Today Or Don’t Have The Common Sense Of A Stray Cat, DON’T PARK HERE, YA JAGOFF!!!!


BTW, we get a Jagoff notation today because, we TOTALLY lost who sent us this great pic.  If it’s you, send us your name or comment below so that we can properly acknowledge you as an Honorary Jagoff Catcher!! 


Tomorrow… another Yakkin’ With Ya Jagoff Video

WPXI’s Scott Harbaugh!! 

Click the here to see our first video with TC the beer guy!

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