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Criminal Jagoffs

They Ain’t Hunting Fresh Veggies in The Meadows


Soooooooooooo yesterday, WTAE’s Ashlie Hardway tweeted about this story.  We’re like, “Yeah, that sounds like a great story for posting!”  The next thing ya know, KDKA-TV, Digital Content Manager, Tim Williams tweets us KDKA’s coverage of the incident and then Ashlee tweets us her WTAE Story with pics of the ladies involved.

Bottom line:

2 cafeteria ladies from Charleroi, PA  have ALLEGEDLY been skimming more than the “take-a-penny-Keep-a-penny” cup since about 2010.

The tally of their take seems to be just under $100K which is equal to about 20,123 meat loaf and mashed taters platters!

Allegedly, the gambled the money at The Meadows .

And to be perfectly clear, there is no information about whether or not, when they were gambling, if they ate at the casino’s steak house thanks to the Charleroi students OR if they ate in the the Casino’s cafeteria and tried to serve themselves!

Another detail that was NOT substantiated, is that, the ladies supposedly used to instruct the kids, when they wanted an extra scoop of mashed potatoes and gravy, to yell, “Hit ME!!”

Ya almost want to ask yourself, in this day in age, HOW IN THEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEE HELL does this kind of thing go on since 2010?  Who was asleep at the fiscal wheel?

But no matter, the focus here is on the ladies who, each time they sold another plate of Grade D meat chili or up-sold a student from a ham-and-cheese to a full meat loaf entree platter, saw nothing but 7’s and strawberries and lemons lining up for a 9-line jackpot hit!

Well ladies, it looks like being in charge of depositing the cafeteria money with no other checks and balances was a lot like asking Colonel Sanders to babysit someone’s pet chickens!!!  But the authorities FINALLY caught up to you.  Perhaps it was the hair nets, be-jeweled with REAL DIAMONDS and RUBIES!

It appears that, when it came to stealing the kids lunch money, ya did a:

Sloppy job, slop, sloppy job.  Sloppy job, slop, sloppy job.  Sloppy job, slop, sloppy JOB!

We guess whatever HAPPENS in the cafeteria doesn’t necessarily STAY in the cafeteria.. especially the cash, Ya Jagoffs!!!!!


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