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Parking Jagoffs

The Privileged Driver

Just in case you need the help, I have used the Jagoff-estrator to highlight the No Parking sign that is facing the driver in this particular #PeterParkers case.  Soooooo we have hash lines, no parking spot AAAAAND a No Parking Sign looking the driver right in the face.  But they park there anyway.
But wait…. the car is white and the lines are white…. perhaps we have the wrong view of this car? Maybe it has a zebra paint job that coincides with the striping on the ground and, therefore, by looking at it from the side, you can’t actually SEE the car parked there?

But nope!!

Hey there, you miserable, maligned, Mercedes, mental, mess….. my money is competely on the fact that you will make a Right Turn out of that spot despite the fact that there’s a No Right Turn sign!  My only hope is that you, as you make that right turn, you scrape the @#$@!^$ outta the right side of your car on that yellow concrete thingy, Ya Jagoff!

Thanks to Steve F on Twitter for being today’s Jagoff Catcher!

Click the pic below if you want to print off our free #PeterParkers tags for emergencies such as this!

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