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The Final J&D Waterproofing Porch Tour at Mel’s Cabana

September 8, 2020

John and Rachael Zoom chat Shawn from J&D Waterproofing about last-minute summer repairs, then jag around Zoom style with Michael Campayno about his new “act” in town.  Once we rid of electronics, we get personal with Bubba and Mel, catch up with their former boss and Pens voice actor Ryan Mill, and even get some behind-the-scenes scoop about AGT with Ashley M and fam.

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Rohrich Honda celebrates Labor Day by transferring vehicles.  It may not be all the usual holiday bells and whistles, but the showroom needs more product. So, it is time to fill it up with a transfer from the warehouse that houses CRVs, Odysseys, FITs, and more.  Every day is labor intense for Rohrich Honda as they work hard to get customers the perfect model, color, and sanitized vehicle quickly. Thank a Honda rep and enjoy a holiday hot dog. As always visit for all your vehicle needs.

Question of the Day

year of 4 stops! Consider them for year-round home improvement beyond waterproofing.


Fire Hydrant Faux Pas

Santonio Holmes events

Eat N Park Smiles

Glass Factory

Maz Day

3:49 Shawn

Shawn reminds us that home remodeling, repair, and improvements are hot summer needs through the 80+ experience of J&D Waterproofing. Even as another porch tour ends, Shawn provides insight to fall home projects and beyond as summer winds down.


Jason and Melanie welcome guests and focus their hospitable eyes on some of the goodies THEY receive as hosts like Fathom Pub Sauce and TattieBogle Cider and maybe some leftover Ricci sausage.uhh by the looks of the crowd switches, maybe not.

9:46 Michael Campayno

Burgh native and Broadway star, Michael Campayno talks about Pittsburgh kicking off his career from starring in Wicked to The Cher Show, and now hitting back home through The Collective, a newly developed process-based theater program. Find out more about his theater class launching on Sept. 14. Did we mention he rubbed elbows on stage with Carrie Underwood?

19:20 Yankello/Ashley Marina

America’s Got Talent sensation Ashley Marina takes the porch pool stage and manages to pull claps and tears while reminiscing about her adventure on AGT. Momma Nina gives us HER perspective about Ashley changing songs mid-audition, and dad Mark became “Coach Dad” pulling his family together with wise words. Ashley recalls her auditions, song dedications to her father, and even acapella challenges from Simon Cowell.

36:12 Bubba and Mel

PA announcer for the Pittsburgh Penguins Ryan Mill uses that powerhouse voice with the jagoffs to discuss his journey through radio and then tells a never-to-forget story about #66. From announcing at Pens games to narrating documentaries on Discovery, he can talk his way through just about anything, even when Rach and John dig for dirt on Bubba and Mel.

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