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It’s Our Anniversary, Ya Jagoff!

YaJAgoff Podcast Anniversary on RadioDotCom

Rach has the keyboard controls today!

So, we didn’t win a Golden Quill.  It’s fine.  In fact, Congratulations to Bill O’Driscoll of WESA for the W and the Press Club of Western PA for even making us finalists.  What an honor.

Today is a new day and guess what?  We are celebrating ONE FULL YEAR at That is right 365 days have gone by since we have rubbed elbows with Larry Richert and Kelly from Star, wore the F letter to the BFF locket with EEEEEEElista, and told Bubba and Mel we love them. But how to celebrate?

I looked it up in case anyone doesn’t know how to celebrate us. There are a few ways you could go.  The first suggestion for celebration of anything year one is to plan a trip.  DONE.  It is narrowed down to The Point, the Heinz History Center, OR a pack a lunch trip to Kennywood.  The other option is a clock—I guess it shows that time has gone by.  Nice, but I can look at my cell phone.

But the traditional gift to give for a one-year celebration?  Paper!  Interesting.  (Hint, that is the word I say when I am annoyingly confused or bored.)  Bottom line, these ideas are not great.  They don’t wow me.  Being with is a big deal so we will listen to our favorite on-air personalities all day and hope for nice comments from readers.  No paper folks.  Save a tree, ya jagoff.  Thanks to Entercom for the welcome to the family!

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