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A Standard #BlockBlocker in the Wild!

YaJagoff Pttsburgh Blog

#BlockBlocers: drivers who just happens to think THEIR destination is more important than yours so they pull through and block the intersection.

Now, in previous posts, we have recommended using the rules from the Preschool game, “Red Light, Green Light,” where anyone still moving when “Red Light” is hollered, must so back to the starting line and start all over.

Can you imagine a police officer walking up to this driver and saying, “Go back up to the parking lot at Ikea and start your ride home all over again, Bucko!” He’d be MORE PO’d than getting a $100 citation!!!

Hey Block-blocking Buckos, here’s how WE see this….

We hope that you drank a ton of coffee from Starbucks and an extra large Root Beer Float from Wahlburgers during your day at “the mall” and such…and forgot to take a last-minute trip to the restroom before hopping in your hey-look-at-me-and-my-self-importance car for the drive home. We hope that the drive home was uneventful EXCEPT for when you turned the final corner on to your street… at that point we hope you got stuck behind a dump truck, a Student Driver vehicle AND a Dodge Aspen with a “50-year Member” West Penn AAA sticker on the bumper driving 5-mph. On top of that, hopefully, your neighbor’s car was broken down across the front of your driveway even further delaying your bladder relief to the point that your eyes floated, Ya Jagoff!

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