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ATM Jagoffs



By 2014, you’d think we’d all know how to use an ATM machine and move along efficiently.  It’s kind of like the people that get a cart full of groceries and then go to the self-checkout line and then have no idea how to use the bakery button or veggie scale!

First, pulling up to the ATM can be a challenge for some.  In this pic, it might be that the window is broken OR this person has zero spacial awareness for their car!  This lady needed a long distance dedication withdrawal from Kasey Kasem!

The guy on the left is more than likely that same guy that uses cash in the grocery store and has to count out every single exact penny out of his little bubble change purse just to “get rid of some pennies!”  In the meantime, I’m behind him in the lane thinking that he has been at the ATM long enough to apply for, and receive approval of, a home equity loan for a local poker game!

Seriously…at the ATM, use it at get out of the way vs. using the ATM, counting your money twice, putting it in your wallet, leaving $20 out to give to the kid for his allowance, combing your hair, fixing your make up, adjusting your belt, checking the car’s gas gauge, taking a sip of your drink, checking your review mirror, checking your side view mirror, using your rear-view mirror to check for food in your teeth and then putting your car in gear (after trying to re-start it when it is already started) because some of us have a life to get to Ya Jagoffs!


Special thanks to @bankermom777 on Twitter for being an honorary Jagoff catcher.

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