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July 21, 2020

Here’s the scoop: it was the perfect Saturday, so we went to Sarris Candies and socially distanced each guest to appreciate summer with ice cream. After all, what better than chatting over ice cream scoops with Bill Sarris, getting100.7 STAR scoop with Elista and Kelly, plus the scoop on Women Who Rock thanks to Melinda Colaizzi? Nada!

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Question of the Day

What kinda “Scooper” are you? Fave kinda scoop, a double scoop of your fave ice cream or being the first to know some juicy news?


Fire Hydrant Faux Pas

Santonio Holmes events

Eat N Park Smiles

Glass Factory

Maz Day

3:52 Sarris Candy/Ice Cream Parlor

The owner and President of Sarris Candies, Bill Sarris, talks a sweet game about building the Sarris dream and adding an ice cream parlor as the cherry on top. Listen to a few stories, that includes molding a human chocolate sculpture and a local dairy farmer who had a similar dairy dream.


The Retail Ops Manager talks about all the happy feelings that the sweets bring for any occasion thanks to their fundraising efforts. Can’t come out to Canonsburg? He will rattle off all the Sarris vendors here!

19:03 Elista

100.7 FM mid-day host and Music Director Elista screams about ice cream and how she likes to push the envelope. Find out which music celebs she’s been Zooming with during quarantine and how 100.7 Star Kelly and she really joined forces to bring the best in radio personalities!

Kelly, 100.7 STAR afternoon drive host, and her daughter Nora, drop in at the candy wonderland. She talks about doing radio from home during a pandemic and how she and Elista. Well they can cause a raucous.

44:28 Melinda

Women Who Rock founder and CEO Melinda Colaizzi rock talks empowering women, as well as leading ladies in music who help, benefit Magee Women’s Hospital non-profit efforts. She continues to slay the game for women’s health through a complete rebrand launching on Wednesday!

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