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YaJagoff Land o Lakes Cheese

Rachael is on a cheese-rant!

LOL stands for two things: Laugh Out Loud, and in a house of cheese lovers, Land O Lakes.  Regarding cheese lover requirements, were you expecting the good stuff like Fontanella or Asiago or something that needs serious spell check?  

 Nope, my kids love LOL American and it needs to be yellow.  They even get slightly irritated when they must have the white American triangles at Subway. It is yellow LOL cheese at Giant Eagle for this fam. 

Disclaimer, disclaimer, disclaimer….we are regular Giant Eagle shoppers, supporters, and even consumers of specific Giant Eagle brands versus national brands, just NOT when it comes to cheese.  It is LOL or bust.  But our taste buds tell us that after a recent sandwich creation, the cheese may have been mismarked.  See, in our house we taste a piece of cheese while creating our sammies, and it turns out that something tasted different.  Definitely not bad, just not LOL.  

In fact, we looked at the packaging because we very well could OF grabbed the ‘gynt iggle brand. Nope, it said LOL. It wasn’t.  Point blank, it was not LOL. Listen, no big story.  We believe there was an accidental sticker slap on.  It happens, especially at the grocery mecca known as the eagle. They have been at the forefront of providing grocery shopping with ease during the pandemic, they are busy essential workers, and maybe a sticker swap occurred. Furthermore, nothing against the GE cheese, it just isn’t LOL, the cheese of choice. Furthermore furthermoreit all melts the same.  So, when ya have sticker mix-up, when ya can’t LOL, just make grilled cheese, ya jagoff! 

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