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YaJagoff Podcast Summer Office

Sometimes when driving we check aht store fronts that lure us with great windows for jagoff gazing.  I mean prime people watching is essential at Ya Jagoff headquarters.  How else will we catch peter parkers, driving texters, and people wearing under garments on their heads and calling them masks? 

Whether it is a walk-through Bellevue, a slow drive through the Suth side or some rubber necking in ‘Sliberty, we are kinda thinking maybe we need some workplace other than haus to call jagoff home.  But then reality hits. Especially now that we have all been trained how to work from home thanks to the Corona.  A few bennies: 

  • Company mascot like Tanner the Pawscast dog is allowed at no extra fee.  
  • Parking is fine and free.  (Cannot promise we don’t catch jagoff parkers working from home) 
  • Unlimited chipped ham sammies (til someone must go to the iggle for more ham) 
  • No bathroom stalls to check shoes and wonder who is in there with you  
  • Every day is jean day 
  • No traffic excuses for being late 
  • The neighbors are usually tolerable 
  • Summer perks: ice cream breaks in the middle of the day and an escape to the summer office also known as the concrete slab that leads to the unlevel yard.  BUT, a place to get some sun and change of scenery 

Come to think of it we will be fine at Pearl headquarters. We will most likely still wonder, pull an if then, but I think we will stay put.  Just need a cooler for happy hours aht back on the veranda that boldly says it’s 5 o’clock somewhere, ya jagoff! 


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