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Convenient Parking at the Convenience Store PeterParkers

If you’re new here, you may need to click here to understand why we call these #PeterParkers.  The definition certainly fits for this driver. Here’s the message that we got with this photo from Virginia:

I already sent it to a cop friend and we were trying to figure out how many violations it was.

I guess when ya go to a convenience store, you want convenient parking… no matter who you’re being a jagoff too.  “I just need a green tea and a bag of chips, I’ll be real quick!” or “I just need to play the number real quick!” Which of course is a lie because there isn’t lottery player in the world that “plays a number real quick!”

Ahhh…can I have 5-5-1, straight and boxed and then give me 7-9-1 for $20 and then I had a dream about a green car so then why don’t ya gimme 8-0-3, blah-blah-blah!”

What should be the punishment here? Maybe that’s where we let you decide. But, we might have to recommend our old stand-by. Make the parking lot lines opposite guillotines. If you park across one, the store clerk can hit a button that triggers a blade to come up out of the ground, suddenly, and cut the car in half! Haaa.. imagine how many people would park normal.

Park your car like everyone else… YaJagoff!!

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