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Driving Jagoffs

That Left Turn That Isn’t A Left Turn (Temporarily)

Ya know, traffic flow around most towns would go just fine if it wasn’t for the people that had no idea what in THEEEE hell they were doing.

This person (we conveniently left her face out of the photo) was sitting in traffic, slowly creeping their car forward, inch-by-inch behind the car in front of them, getting ever so closer to being home…. READING HER PHONE.  And clearly she wasn’t reading anything about common courtesy while driving or what it means when an oncoming car has a turn signal activated to cross traffic.

The best part was when she DID look up and saw our car… she eeked forward vs. eeking BACKWARD to nicely give us a small sliver of space on HER earth to make our turn.

Hey Betty-Boop the Block-blocker, if ya look slightly to the right, that thing is called a “road” or “street.”  If given proper access, some people like to drive on them. But for some reason, your afternoon-drive reading session has made you unaware that another car (ours) has been sitting right off your fender (they call that the ten-o’clock position if you’d have had your hands at the 1o and 2 positions on the steering wheel and not on your phone), WITH OUR TURN SIGNAL ON, trying to actually use that empty road to your right.

Now we realize that you BELIEVE that the entire world revolves around you, but we doubt your  name is AXIS, so…. until proven otherwise, STOP BLOCKING INTERSECTIONS, YA JAGOFF!!!!!

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