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Teachers Having Sex With Students


Once again, these kind of stories go right to the “WTF area” of my brain.  Teachers having sex with students (Click Here For Full Story From Brookville, PA ). At what point does your brain tell ya this is O.K?   BTW, this is unfortunately NOT the first teacher to get caught like this.  Do these people NOT watch the news and see others get caught?

I had some seriously hot teachers – even while I was doing my time at Catholic School.  Some of those lay teachers? WOWZER – “INSTANT Pinnochio Pants!” 

But I cannot even imagine that, no matter how HOT I thought that I was at age 15 – with my with zits,  nice fake silk shirt ,  my PicWay tennis shoes, double-knit slacks and my glasses all crooked –  that ANY teacher, male or female, found ME hot!!!!!!  (Just to be sure I went back and reviewed my teenage school pictures – NOT HOT!)

How LONELY do ya have to be to be looking at your students for dates?  I’ll give you THIS – 15 year old girls did NOT look like they do now – but still, THEY’RE 15!!!!! 

And what could a 15 year old girl see in this chubbins of a teacher! 

So, Ms. Hetrick (as I would have been instructed to call you in my day), are you aware of things like Cinemax and Sassy Sensations Stores where you can satisfy your personal desires?  Hell, you’re right along I-80, there’s gotta be some truck-stop adult book stores handy!!! 

So Ms. “Not-hotty” Hetrick, have fun in jail – the Catholic Priests of the area say “thanks” for taking the cross hairs off of them for a while, YA JAGOFF!

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