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Post Office Jagoffs

Reason #1,456 Why The Post Office Isn’t Well Run

First off, we send so much stuff through the U.S. Mail and we have no complaints with the counter staff.  As a matter of fact, the folks at the North Side “big house” are REALLY great!!!

But this blog post will make you wonder, who in theeeeeeee hell is making WHAT decisions in the Postal leadership.

While waiting in line to send out some of our “Not JUST Irish.  PITTSBURGH, Irish, Ya Jagoff” shirts, we saw the above counter top display.  It’s advertising for you to watch “The Biggest Loser” on WPXI and then write in (i.e. MAIL IN) your vote, entry, whatever it is.  Now THAT’S the way to get the volumes up!  FORCE people to mail something!!!!

So, to enter this contenst you mail in your entry, of course, via the U.S. Post Office with one of their “Forever Stamps” which are termed that NOT because they are good “forever” but because postage is “forever” going up in price!!!!

As it turns out, we read through the fine print for the contest entries while waiting in line.  Here’s what it said:

Please watch “The Biggest Loser” TV Show on NBC via your black and white television.  Depending on your geographical location, you may have to adjust the rabbit ears of your TV set OR go up on your roof and adjust your antenna to assure clear reception.  After the program ends, go to your Olympia DeLuxe manual typewriter and type us a note on onion-skin paper (be sure to use carbon paper to create a second copy for your own records), telling us your thoughts on who should be the Biggest Loser.  All entries must be double-spaced so be sure that you set the typewriter carriage to double-space OR at least hit the carriage return TWICE in between lines.  In case of corrections, using the correction ribbon is permitted but be sure to also correct the carbon-copy entry as well with Liquid Paper.  Also, be sure to place the carbon-copy of your entry in your Firebox at home to keep it from being damaged in case of an emergency.

Hey Postal Peeps…. who cares about all those silly inventions like Q-R Codes, websites, Facebook pages because that whole “dot comt thing” is just a fad!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!  We heard that USAirways was doing a similar promotion…. you have to watch “The Biggest Loser” and then purchase a plane ticket to Chicago and actually hand deliver your entry to the contest office.  (See, USAirways volume is down too and they are NOT to be outdown by Postal Brilliance.)

Hell, why don’t ya just get real old fashioned and require that all of the contestants, wanting to lose weight, have to give themselves a mollasses enema before they weigh in, Ya Jagoffs!


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