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YaJagoff Blog Post - Dog in Purse

Primanti’s in Market Square is known for its dog friendly ways.  Literally the patio begs for the four-legged friends to dine with their ownersSo, no need to sneak a fur baby into the Pittsburgh sammy haven, or does the pup just like the comforts of the confines? Not sure. 

Market Square is a bustling place with lots of sights to be seen, and the Primanti’s waiting line is a permanent fixture full of sights.  Spotting a tiny hair ball that resembles a yip yip dog is no difficult feat. Sidenote, yip yip refers to the ankle biter adorable dogs we all know and love…from afar.  Just past the guy with the Steeler jersey tucked in, the family sporting the Old Navy color assortment pack of masks, and the disgruntled non-Pittsburgh visitors who were told to try Primantis was the lady with the adorbs dog in her bag. 

Yip yip didn’t yip at all, in fact at one point I thought it could have been a stuffed animal, except that it adorably caulked its head to look at people.  So, if yip yip was well-behaved, and Primanti’s welcomes pups, why the bag decoy? And the only other question, I mean the pup is a cutie, but pup poo is still poo and that bag is way too expensive to house that action, ya jagoff! 

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