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Parking Jagoffs

PeterParkers in Harrisburg

Well, we have a lot of new people on the mailing list so, for yinz, we call these #Peter Parkers.  Follow this link as for WHY we call them #PeterParkers.

In the meantime, this truck was found outside of a Harrisburg Michael’s Craft Store… “Michael’s.. make creativity happen.”  Yes! Including freelance parking.  It’s always sad to see people purchase these big ol’ trucks and not know how to park them!

Even more, I’m wondering how many bedazzling beads, glue sticks and shadow boxes ya need if you’re driving a big honkin’ truck like that to Michael’s.

Well… Red Solo Truck….(get it?)

Now a red solo truck is the best receptacle
For beads, glue sticks, Styrofoam and festivals
And you, sir, do not have a pair of testicles
If you prefer parking like a Jagoff!

A red solo truck can be cheap and disposable
And when parking like this can be made blog-composable
And unlike my home, it’s not foreclosable
Unless you prefer parking like a Jagoff!

Red solo truck, you cannot park!
Let’s try some parking, let’s try some parking!
I love you red solo truck, I lift wrote you up
Proceed to parking, proceed to parking.

Now I really love cuz you’re easy to make fun of
We call these Peter Parkers, which now you are one of
Cuz when ya park in lots like that
Well, that my friend, makes me quite lucky.

But I have to admit the ladies get smitten
Admiring how sharply my blog name is written
About you when the truck isn’t fittin’
into the parking lines, Ya Jagoff!!!

Everybody sing….

Red solo cup, I fill you up
Let’s have a party, let’s have a party
I love you red solo cup, I lift you up
Proceed to party, proceed to party

That song is now stuck in your head!!!! You’re welcome!!