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#PeterParkers…. That Ain’t No Van


I’m just gonna leave this right here!  Wait.. that’s probably what this #PeterParkers driver  said too.  Can you actually believe that this person parked liked this? By the way, it’s the Butler WalMart.  Maybe the were going in to buy some VANS shoes ….in a hurry…. and were only going to be 5 minutes at the RedBox…..and….ahhhhhh WHATEVER!! This parking stuff is a losing battle.

Standard stuff!  You can print one of these notes at home from our website here the next time this happens.


I still guarantee that, if you hired those parking lot attendants from the North Side, that work on Steelers and Pitt game days, you know, where they charge you $75 dollars to park in the middle of a crater filled with garbage and broken glass, and made you pay North Side prices for your little spot at the mall, people would learn how to fit their car into a normal spot.  Because, at $75 per spot, people know how to park a double-wide trailer with a 20-foot long smoker grille on the back as if it’s a smart car.

Learn how to park Ya Jagoffs!