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Parking Jagoffs

The Perfect #PeterParkers Pic for National Coloring Book Day

Why post this #PeterParkers pic in honor of National Coloring Book Day?

First, why in theeeeeee hell is there a National Coloring Book Day? Seems like National Coloring Book Day cards should be discounted, if not free, since they would probably be a color-your-own kind of deal!

Second, if you’re gonna drive the Nissan equivalent of a Pontiac Fiero (fake sports car), you should probably HIDE that thing behind a dumpster at the mall vs. park it with a hey-look-at-me kind of attitude!

Third, before people get their license, coloring INSIDE the lines should be the next step after parallel parking! I guarantee this person has a bunch of 1st grade coloring pages at home with crayon-clinched-in-your-fist-scratching-erratically-back-and-forth-with-no-regard-whatsoever-for-lines crayon marks all over them!

Hey Crayola Carl… if ya think this parking style KEEPS people from wanting to scratch your car, well, it kind of temps people’s keys if ya know what I’m saying. Hope ya don’t aim at a toilet with the same eyes ya park and color with YaJagoff!

Thanks to Facebook friend, Jessie Baker, for being our Honorary Jagoff Catcher today!

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