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Parking Jagoffs

Oh Hell No! Not Even Close on This Parking

C’mon… not even close!

Did they run out of gas?  Nope! Have to stop and block the RedBox to get the last copy of Grease for the weekend? Nope! Did this driver fail the spacial relations test in grade school, middle school, high school and in life?  When packaging leftovers, do you think they always misjudge the size of the container as compared to the amount of leftovers?

But.. I guarantee if this person was driving a triple-tractor-trailer towing a BBQ spit on a flat trailer, they’d be able to put that thing in a spot the size of a smart car because THOSE spots cost $50.

Maybe they just wanted the little handicapped logo guy to prop his feet up on the bumper!

Welcome to the category of #PeterParkers here on the blog.  If you’re a dude with these kind of targeting skills, I’d hate to see the floor around your toilet, Ya Jagoff!


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