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Criminal Jagoffs

New Super Hero “Undy Man!”

That guy in the red circle… yeah.. the one in his undies….he’s trying to escape from the po-po!  There’s a cop trying to hold on to him as they try to get him to climb on to a ladder but he doesn’t wanna do that.

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Seems that my man was wanted by the police.  They found him hanging out in his undies (figuratively).  When he realized he was found, he ran to the back of the apartment and climbed outta window trying to escape.  Guessing that he forgot the fact that there were not steps there.  And he also forgot the fact that he didn’t have his drawers….suddenly he was hanging out in his undies (literally!)

Well… mom always said have clean DER-wear on just in case of emergencies.  I don’ think she meant THIS kind of emergency,  More importantly, we suggest, that if you THINK the police are hunting for you… ya might wanna sleep with your clothes.. AND running shoes on! And even more important than that… if you’re gonna hang out there.. ya might wanna consider dating a girl named Rapuzel…. Ya Jagoff!