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Parking Jagoffs

Mon Warf Flooding. Should That EVER Be A Suprise?

Question:  Drunk or sober, if you’re a guy and you pee’d on an electric fence and received the shock of your life, drunk or sober, would you ever pee on an electric fence again or would your brain be conditioned to avoid the electric fence for the rest of your life?

The opening question, and the recent storms led me to contemplate the Mon Warf Parking concept.

As Pittsburghers, we never think TWICE what Jagoffery it is to have parking right next to the river with absolutely ZERO protection!!!

A totally objective observer might process the Mon Warf Parking area like this:

There’s a cemented, level area inside the downtown triangle… the triangle where parking is somewhat limited

It’s at the edge of the river

It’s a mere 3 feet above the normal river level

With a large amount of precipitation, the river rises sometimes with warning, and sometimes not

Given all of those points, what did someone decide to do with the slab of cement?  Make it a full-time PARKING LOT!!!!!!

And, despite the fact that indeed it does flood, sometimes suddenly, it’s been a parking lot for as long as I can remember.  I have to admit, I’ve even parked there. (Just snorted from embarrassing laugh.)

What does this say about all of us?

Then again, I’m not really sure WHO the Jagoffs are in this case….the people who planned this as a bonafide parking space, the people who APPROVED it as a parking space, the people who sell spots in it every day or the people who actually pay to park there despite the fact they might have some wet floor mats with a good rain storm!

Since I have nobody else to blame for this and don’ want to point the finger at myself (who does THAT anymore?)  and governmental types are so easy to blame, here goes it:

Hey City Zoning Dudes and Dudettes, the next time someone offers an idea for an occasionally submersible parking lot, please do what you do best, SAVE US FROM OURSELVES because your our leaders and we clearly don’t know what we should or shouldn’t have, Ya Jagoffs!!!

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