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Criminal Jagoffs

Man Angry Over Onions On His Food, Exposes Himself

With a headline like that, how could you NOT expect that this story includes a phrase such as:

officers said Sharma smelled of alcohol, had blood shot eyes, was slurring his speech, couldn’t maintain his balance and was speaking nonsense.

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The story goes on to talk about how Yuba Sharma didn’t want onions on his food so he dropped his drawers, exposing himself to the staff and patrons.

Well, Yuba-doooba-doobie, something says you have a little learning to do about drinking in restaurants.  Oh, and me thinks ya have a little misunderstanding about the standard restaurant protocol of “leaving the TIP!”  The good news is that, in jail, you will find more than a few taker who would prefer you to drop trow in exchange for dinner, YaJagoff!