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Criminal Jagoffs

Today’s Post Is NOT Ben Roethlisberger’s New Wife!


Well, we were CLOSE to posting the NEW Mrs. Big Ben here, cuz when ya do the math (they met in 2005 and then all of the events SINCE then…Georgia, Vegas?) she looks WAAAAAY to0 forgiving. But, it’s HER choice. 

In the meantime, THIS lady seemed to REALLY deserve a post.

If ya click on the photo above, you see the WTAE news story from last week about a girl who’s horse was shot buy some unknown Jagoffs last December.  And then, a local horse owner brings everyone to tears back then as she says, “I just couldn’t live with myself if I didn’t do something for that little girl,” as she promises the 6 year-old a new horse!

As a follow-up story  last week, WTAE reports that the horse lady is now reneging on her offer with a few sentences in a letter. 

At first, we wondered if she was part owner of the McDain’s Restaurant that ALSO jacks around 6 year-olds! (see Previous Jagoff Post here)

Hey Mrs. Scrooge-Heat-Mizer-There-ain’t-no-Santa-or-no-Easter-Bunny-Quit-crying-or-I’ll-give-ya-something-to-cry-about-Go-Read-Atlas-Shrugged-you-looter Stashcak, this kind of stuff is REAL funny in those Ally Bank TV commercials when we see the look on the kid when she asks why SHE “didn’t get a real pony too?” and the Banker Guy says, “You didn’t ask.”  But, not too amusing in real-life!

Hey Leslie-the-welcher, if we happen to come accross some unfortunate kids looking for a “horse’s ass” in the near future, we know where to find you, YA JAGOFF!

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