WTAE has a story that has been picked up by the Huffington Post Food section and a whole bunch of other blogs.  Mike Vuick, owner of McDain’s Restaurant in Monroeville has made a rule that nobody under the age of 6 years old is permitted in the restaurant BECAUSE THEY ARE TOO NOISY and disturb other customers. (Click the photo above for the story.)

For the record, McDain’s also has a bar and golf activities.

Mr. Vuick says, (according to the WTAE story), “Nothing wrong with babies, but the fact is you can’t control their volume.”  

There has been no word on whether or not Mr. Vuick is going to continue being the Santa Clause and Easter Bunny for the Monroeville area chamber of commerce as of yet!!!!!! (kidding)

He grumpy Mike, I guess the babies, you speak of, are louder than those office partiers that show up to team-masticate with cell phones ringing and beeping, high-fivin’ and fist pumping. 

I also assume that those outta-control noisy babies are REALLY ON YOUR NERVES when they drown out the 19th-hole-Cigar-smoking-Couple-of-draft-beer-Plus-a-Mojito-or-two-Dirty-joke-Pull-my-finger-so-I-can-FART, golfing buddies (and buddettes). 

 Glad I’m not your GRANDKID, Ya Jagoff!


  1. Thank you for someone else agreeing with me!!! I think this guy should never be around kids in the first place. If one gets out of control I would be afraid of what he would do with his attitude. I think we should all that have kids go outside of his restaurant and have them annoy him. They wouldn’t be inside they would be outside. Then what would he do? I think ppl need to understand that we cant teach kids to respect out to diner if we cant take them to a restaurant. Also You are totally correct about the older ppl that go out and act worse than a child would. I know for fact because my husband is from Philly, we see immature adults out all the time that are drunk, throwing up, loud, smoking like a chimney ppl. Thank you for agreeing with me!!!

  2. As a waitress, let me be the first one to say that there is NOTHING more annoying than patrons’ poorly behaved children. I don’t mind the ones who’ve been raised well, who are at least relatively quiet and polite. But when they are screaming, crying, running around and generally being underfoot (and don’t get me wrong here, I KNOW that in many cases poor parenting is to be blamed just as much as the kids themselves), and annoying everyone in the establishment, that is just unacceptable. Also, the drunk idiots at the bar are old enough to know better, and the beauty part is that you can tell them to shut up or get the hell out, they have only themselves to blame. Small children don’t know any better and unfortunately many parents have the attitude that their server is also their impromptu babysitter. Personally, I think Mr. Vuick has a fantastic idea, and would love to submit an application!

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