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Parking Jagoffs

How in the He** Does This Even Happen?

YaJagoff Blog

Hmmmm… isn’t that the best title? What is someone thinking when the pull in.. GET OUT OF THEIR CAR.. and see the angle at which they have parked. If you’re new here, we call these #PeterParkers. (Click here for official definition.)

This pic came from our Virginia friend:

I saw this in the parking lot outside of my office and immediately thought of you. Feel free to include this in any post.  I hope all is well!

Sean (of Sean’s Ramblings)

Perhaps they were in a hurry to unload their bunt cake, buff chic dip, chips and salsa in a special Dollar Store Happy Monday disposable bowl and 7 different bottles of dollar store pop for Roman, in accounting’s, b-day party.  Orrrrrrrrrr you could OF  just parked correctly AND, text some co-workers to meet you in the lot when you arrived.

As you know, when it comes to posting people here we believe in “Don’t hate, EDUCATE!”  But all of the potential education sessions we have offered seem to be ineffective.

The bottom line Ruby-Red-Bird… we’re just going to pitch that all parking lots be installed with REVERSE GUILLOTINE’s along all of the parking lines.  Basically, if your car is left parked over a line for more than 120 seconds… BOOM.. the REVERSE GUILLOTINE shoots up and cuts your car in half… long ways, cross ways…(if parked like this car over 4 spaces.. basically, the REVERSE GUILLOTINE slices and dices your car!!!!)

The message is pretty simply.. LEARN HOW TO PARK, Ya Jagoffs!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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