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Hold’en to ‘Ramblings’ with OVER Whelming sounds  

April 28, 2020

The jagoffs may still be at Pearl headquarters, but The Holden humor, blogging bluntness of Sean Forman and news of a new album on this podcast make the same old living room setting seem brighter. Whelming Waters brought the vibes.

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4:43 Sean Forman:

Sean’s Ramblings could go on and on about Pittsburgh sports, pop culture, music, and even a few random deets on DC. The former ‘burgher rambles about blogging as a legacy, jerk neighbors, glowstick tasting, and how a hobby has transformed into book writing at any time of the day.

20:48 Mike Holden:

April 25 makes the perfect day as it’s not too hot and not too cold; a movie quote delivered by Emmy award winning journalist WPXI Mike Holden He’s an open book, ride–or–die buttered pierogi fan who is not afraid to kill a Twitter troll with kindness. He talks about Erie and Toledo moments as well as the natural ability to be the first on the scene to cover news stories. Listen to his normal day-to-day activities and life influences that may include a reality TV obsession.

48:29 Collin/Whelming Waters:

From a barbershop quartet to the band with all the range of vibes in The Whelming Waters Collin announces the newest album and how quarantine affected its finish. Find out who joined their band and keep an ear out for their album drop on June 6 titled Bon Voyage.

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