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A Covid-19 Champ (Not a Jagoff)

YaJagoff Podcast Post

Changing things today. Here is someone who is not a jagoff at all.

So many pandemic front-line workers have been getting their well-deserved ovations… healthcare workers, Public Safety, Port Authority… but who thinks of this guy?

This older gentleman is outside in the cold, with his gloves on, his mask in place and his bucket of water and rag… cleaning everybody’s shopping buggy to make sure it’s germ free for the next person. Not one person in 30-minutes said thank you to him. Some didn’t even have the courtesy to walk their cart up to him!

Oh, yes, there are many many heroes and champions of this pandemic and this gentleman, is certainly one of them along with his grocery store peers!

Don’t know your name, sir, but thank you for the important work that you are doing on the front line of this pandemic.

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