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Parking Jagoffs

Handicapped or Jagoff? You Make The Call!

Hope that everyone enjoyed the Holiday.  Got home with a belly full of Christmas cheer and realized, “a Monday morning post is due, ya Jagoff!”  But, there it was, a Christmas present right underneath our email tree!!!  A bunch of Jagoff email submissions.  And since we just saw this same thing happen the other day while at the AT&T Store (and couldn’t snap a pic or video because they had the phone), thought this was the perfect post…(besides, it was basically written for us)!

This post was on our Facebook page about a week or so ago:

Had to stop at the Iggle on the way home today.  Casually driving through the parking lot, looking for a spot when I noticed this woman, about my age, (mid 40’s) putting groceries into her trunk.  I looked back and noticed that she was in a handicapped spot, and watched while and elderly man, WITH oxygen puffed up from his car WITH a handicapped plate 6 spaces back from lady in handicapped spot.  …I stared at her.  She ignored me, and the poor little old man puffing along, walked past her.  She closed her trunk and RAN across the parking lot with her cart, rolling it into the stall in the parking lot.  She was close enough to take it back to the store,…but, no, she must have some problem??  There doesn’t seem to be any reason why this woman is taking up this handicapped space except that maybe she didn’t want to walk?  She didn’t have a handicapped plate, only the placard hanging from her rearview. If I’d had a jagoff sticker, I would have plastered it onto her windshield!  She must have realized that I was watching because she sat in the car until I went into the store.  So, to the lady who took up a handicapped spot at the Elizabeth Giant Eagle….Are ya lazy? or just a Jagoff?

First, looks like we need to get some kind of stickers.  This isn’t the first time that’s come up.  Second, awesome that someone saw this and said, “Hey, I have to submit this to!”

To these, My-time-and-life-is-more-important-than-everyone-else-Including-those-that-are-physically-challenged-and-may-need-this-spot-But-I’ll-justify-my-actions-by-telling-myself-that-I’m-only-gonna-be-a-few-minutes-By-the-way-how-many-handicap-people-actually-do-Christmas-shopping people: you walk probably walk 50-miles running from store-to-store at the mall.  An extra 200 feet to a REAL parking space won’t kill your bunions and corns or screw up your Holiday pedicure.  You probably use the Handicap bathroom stalls too so that you have room to store all of your packages while you’re sitting!

To anyone doing this over the next few days of RETURNS AND EXCHANGE MADNESS, get ready, because running late for your hairdresser appointment or being in a hurry to get back to work on your lunch hour IS NOT a “handicap” and we will post you here, Ya Jagoffs!

Special thanks to one of our newer Facebook Follwers, Beth Ann Gallagher Warkentin, for being our Honorary Jagoff Catcher on this!


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