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Dana Sheehan

Guest Blog, Dana Sheehan: Jagoff Social Media “Posters”

Our next Guest Blogger for our on-line auction to benefit Breast Cancer Research in Pittsburgh iiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiis:  Dana Sheehan, author of

Check her aht!!! (Twitter: @danasheehan)


Excuse us, but Dana now has the floor!!!  (THANKS!)


I’m on Facebook and Twitter every day. There’s a few things I’ve noticed that I’m not OK with. Do you recognize any of these posters? You have my permission to kick them out of your stream.

People Against Spelling and Grammar

I admit it, I make the occasional typo. However, I know the difference between “you’re” and “your.” What I don’t understand is how some people don’t know the difference. People I went to high school with., sat next to in English and who I know should know the difference between “they’re,” “their” and “there” or how to spell “tomorrow.”

Potty Mouth

Listen, I’m an adult. I understand the power of a well placed four-letter word. However, don’t use it in every sentence of every post. It makes you look stupid and uneducated. There are so many great words in the English language. Learn some of them.

“I’m Better Than Everyone Else” Agenda Pushers

I have a lot of respect for people who put their opinions out there, knowing that they’re going to get push back. What I don’t like are those who push their agendas with an air of “I’m better than you because I believe this.” Ugh. Really? Have a healthy conversation with me any day, but don’t stand there and tell me how right you are and refuse to listen to anyone other than those who think exactly like you.

Flip Floppers

“I love him.” “I hate him.” “He’s the BESTEST EVA!” “What a JERK!” All in the same hour by the same person? No. No no no no no no. NO. I’m not even talking about teenagers. I expect this from teenagers (I can’t image having had Facebook when I was in high school). I’m talking about grown ups who act like bigger children than their own kids. Grow Up.

Ambiguous Posters

I don’t mind an occasional “So happy” or “I love my life.” What I can’t stand are those “Some people…” posts. If you have something to say, say it. Don’t be all mysterious and random about it.  Trust me, the person you intend it for will either not understand it’s for them or will be so annoyed that it won’t make any difference.

Please Entertain Me

I don’t care that you’re bored. If you’re so bored that you need to post that you’re bored and ask someone to come and un-bore you, you need to do something more constructive that sitting next to your phone. Read a book. Take a walk. Play with your kid. But don’t ask the Facebook universe to come and rescue you because you can’t figure out what to do with yourself.


I hate spammers with the passion if a million screaming children in a traffic jam when they need to use the bathroom, there isn’t a rest stop for 20 miles and you’ve been stopped for an hour. Go away. Sending me random links on Twitter is only going to get you blocked and reported… Ya Jagoff!


Our note to Dana… we have TONS of typos that we find after the post goes live… WE are one of THOSE GUYS!  Feel free to send us a daily email that says, “there’s another typo, Ya Jagoffs!”


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