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Grocery Store Jagoffs

Grocery Store Coolers. Where’s the #@%$ Handle?

Why do grocery stores put things in their stores that keep us from getting in?

Case Number 1: Those plastic produce bags… sure.. these days they have some markings on them to show you which end you’re supposed to fight to open but…. IT’S STILL A FIGHT as you stand their trying to pinch and twist the bag to find the opening while someone else grabs the last everything bagel or bear claw out of the bakery bin!

Case (literally) Number 2:  The refrigerator case.  Nice, new refrigerator case.  It makes everything look great… lighting, perfect shelves, colorful product but I have a 50% chance of picking which side the handle is on!  It’s a painful game of “Handle or Hinge.”

For GAWD sakes…can’t we put some kind of bright tape or some sort of sticky thing that says “Handle” or “Pull Here” so that I don’t have to bang my #@$! knuckles on the door frame every time I guess incorrectly about where the handle is, YaJagoffs?

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