Saturday, February 27, 2021
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Grocery Store Jagoffs

    YaJagoff Grocery Bag

    BYOB Has New Meaning  

    BYOB: These four letters typically are affiliated with a night out and alcohol. But in this case, it is simply a suggestion acronym when shopping the waterworks giant eagle: ...
    YaJagoff Potato

    This is a TEST. This is Only a (Urine) Test

    What is photo number one? a) Photo of Pittsburgh's Gateway Clipper Fleet b) The 1979 World Champion Pittsburgh Pirates c) A Toilet d) All of the above (Hang in there with me, it gets...

    Traffic Jam in the Grocery Store

    These guys!!!!  ARRRGGHH! I was in the grocery store getting stuff to make dinner.  (Ok, yell at me later for why I didn’t plan ahead and had to be in a...