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Criminal Jagoffs

Food Pantry Supply Stealin’ Jagoffs – Guest Post

When necessary, we have to step aside to get the word out about a good/bad deed.

Giving today’s post to Sue Kerr who’s car was broken into.. see below for details.

Find Sue at her award winning Pittsburgh’s LGBTQ Blog.

According to the police who took my vandalism report, you are probably kids looking for an opportunity. So you threw a brick through my passenger window and kicked my passenger side rear view mirror for good measure (your shoe left a muddy print.)

For your trouble, you snagged my 4 year old Garmin gps gizmo. And that’s it.

My cassette deck am/fm radio didn’t appeal to you? The Canadian money I had tucked in my visor – did you even realize you left perfectly good money behind?

It is also amusing to me that you left untouched the real valuable in the car – over $100 in cat litter I had snagged while bulk shopping. Does Tidy Cat have no resale value? Too bad. You left my lawn chairs, my folding table, my two hoodies, and a YaJagoff parking chair! (OMG!) Where are your values?

Sadly, you didn’t just punk me – while I”m out a $250 deductible, you also trashed at least ten bags filled with food for a local food pantry as well as another half dozen filled with items for the animal shelter. Plus, a whole box of reusable water bottles – all covered in broken glass, debris and ruined – for what?

I suspect I know who you are (but I can’t prove it) so I bet you know that I’m a lesbian. What you don’t know is that because I can’t legally marry my partner, we would have to file a completely separate claim on the contents of the vehicle and pay $250 to replace those items – the donations you trashed. So your juvenile actions also tapped into what’s called “institutional discrimination” – thanks for that.

For the record, you owe your neighbors that food and those pet items and the water bottles. Those were all for families in this neighborhood. I hope whatever piddling amount you get from the Garmin is worth it. And I hope I can get replacement donations – in case YOUR family uses a food pantry. Because they shouldn’t suffer because of you.

Perhaps if you had stolen the food (or the cat litter) or the money, it would make sense. But these things happen every day in every neighborhood. You aren’t taking away my appreciation for my neighbors or my security in my house or my desire to try to collect items for my neighbors.

Nice try, Ya jagoff.

OUR NOTE: Whoever this was, is just mean AND STUPID! To NOT recognize the value of one of our “Don’t Be A Jagoff” chairs is MORONIC!

Find Sue on: Twitter to connect up with how you might be able to help replace the ruined food.



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