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Parking Jagoffs

Where Does The FedEx Arrow Point?

Ok… March Madness #ThingsThatTurnPeopleIntoJagoffs bracket contest is over.  We gave away some prizes and not all have been claimed yet so, click HERE to see if you’ve won something.  Don’t worry, it’s not as complicated as trying to see if you have unclaimed State tax money.

In the meantime, we got this little #PeterParkers pic via special delivery.  You’ve all heard about the hidden arrow in the FedEx logo.  Everyone, wonders what it’s pointing to.  Well, in this picture it’s pointing to the handicap parking spot that our anonymous Jagoff Catcher was trying to utilize.

Yep… the person that took this photo suffers from psoriatic arthritis and was hoping to use that handicapped parking spot but……. And not only is the H-spot blocked, but at least 2 others also.

So, remember, to call FedEx when it absolutely has to be there by 10am …even if we have to block others from parking while we run inside “real quickly” and try and figure out where to leave the package, find someone official to sign the thingy and then take a quick pee, YaJagoffs!

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