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Criminal Jagoffs

Election Judge is a No-Show on Election Day

You’ve heard the coined phrase, “You had one job!”  Well, this guy had one job, to do on one day, Election Day, and well, he didn’t show up. As a matter of fact, not only did he not show up to open the polls in North Versailles, he was driving his car as a jitney WITH the precinct’s voting equipment in it.

See full story from KDKA-TV on (Yeah… it made national news)

So he didn’t sleep in….nor did he say, “Ya know, nobody’s coming to vote anyway, there’s only judges running.” he just started his jitney service.

Wait… I got it….he’s a trendsetter!  With all of the Food Truck activity, maybe he was starting a voting truck, “Burgers, Buns and Ballots!”

Dablin’-Darrin, bad choice guy! I mean, in my humble opinion, “I was gonna open up the polls late since there were only judges running and nobody planned on voting, especially that early in the morning” would have been a pretty reasonable excuse, Ya Jagoff!