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Criminal Jagoffs

The Dumbest Bank Robber

My man!  Last name is Flory.. so let’s call him “Marc Andre FLORY” since the Pens beloved goalie, Marc Andrew Fluery robbed a few peeps in his day!

You can see the full “Flory Story” on but here’s the synopsis.  Mr. Flory ALLEGEDLY robbed a bank in Washington County last month. His hand-written stickup slip just happened to have his name written, BY HIM, on it! Oh!  And there was a thank you note on it too!

And if the name wasn’t enough of a giveaway, Marc Andre Flory forgot to any kind of disguise. As you can see by the bank camera, he made zero attempt to cover his face. Maybe he was robbing THIS bank to get money to go buy a ski mask for a bigger heist!

Marc Andre…(real name Glenn) Flory… good luck at the ol’ jail cell. If you ever do this again, find an accomplice that has some common sense and that can proofread your stickup note. Also, please consult any recent photos of Pens or Steelers games.

In those photos, you will see people dressed in all kind of black and gold. Everyone of them blend in with each other… get what I’m saying here?  The next disguise should be some black and gold stuff… so you look like 1,200 other people on any given day in Western PA… Ya Jagoff!

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